Amir Goudarzi

Post One

Published: 2022-07-05

This is the first post on my blog I give a yearly make over for. Instead of jumping on the newest, shiniest JAM-stack framework, I decided to make it simple, static and easy to update. This blog was made as simple as possible, instead of using bare html/css, I decided to throw a little framework magic and use Svelte and instead of having a full, heavy CMS system, I decided to go full markdown with the posts. This site is hosted on Netlify which makes this site completely free and easy to maintain!

I am not great at blogging, but I am trying to make more of an effort to do so. I think that this would allow me to do that. My goal on this is just to write about things that interest me and projects I am working on. Feel free to follow me here or on any of my socials below